Of all the things to say-

You chose this.

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Imagine spending your whole life looking for something; seeing it; not knowing what it is, only that it is beautiful. That moment, a blend of disbelife, of relief, compleation. That is joy.

Logic offers a serinity that humans seldom experience. It's secret is it's simplicity; it has a source, it has an end. There is no fear of uncertainty or the unknown. There simply is and isn't. There is no All or Nothing, there is only Everything and the comfort of knowing that it always has been and will continue to be, with or without you. Seeing the larger picture and knowing that your place inside it is so small as to be inconciquential. No great destiny or grand goal, your part is hold that place. What we do in that space is what gives us our meaning.

What is necessary is not always what is right and what is right is not always what is good.